Production Management is a multi-faceted role, bringing together many aspects of the performance or event process. The production manager will be across all production elements, and have an in-depth understanding of the performance or event, and all departments involved.

The production process will contain all or some of the below. Many of these items occur concurrently or overlap.

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Design and build phase:

  • Budget assigning for the entire show (including build, crew, running, and disposal costs)
  • Assisting in selection and contracting of design team, suppliers, and show crew
  • Setting production deadlines with designers & suppliers.
  • Design Management (meetings, follow up, advice, solutions)
  • Generating Design paperwork (plans 2d and 3d, schedules, samples, models)
  • Costing (finding and approaching suppliers, design revisions, supplier contracts)
  • Build Management (meetings with designer and supplier, sourcing materials, arranging freight and delivery, logistics around installation into the theatre)

Rehearsal / Development Process:

  • Rehearsal space set-up and maintenance
  • Weekly production design meetings with creative team and various production personnel
  • Monitoring of daily reports to ensure follow up is happening
  • Working with production suppliers to install items into rehearsals


  • Liaise with venue(s) over schedules, access times, staffing, and venue requirements
  • Produce and revise Health & Safety plans for the performance or event
  • Produce and revise the production schedule (for installation into the theatre)
  • Arrange staffing for installation of all production elements
  • Ensure builds and budgets are on track
  • Work on securing rights (ie APRA) for any external content used


  • Keep a day-to-day eye on Health & Safety and the state of the performance or event
  • Ensure each day’s team are inducted into the theatre space and know what is happening around them
  • Follow up with installation teams and troubleshoot issues as they arise
  • Keep an eye on time and crew hours.
  • Ensure cast and show crew are inducted into the theatre
  • Ensure schedule is adhered to and amendments sent if needed
  • Ensure deadlines are met (performance times, etc)
  • Keep budgets and expenditure is up to date
  • Cast an eye over the overall audience experience, noticing the things others miss


  • Monitor daily reports and ensure action is taken as needed
  • Sign off weekly reports from venue, suppliers, and show crew
  • Work with show crew to plan maintenance, or extra rehearsals
  • Plan the removal of the event (returned, sold, trashed)
  • Schedule the pack-out process with venue and suppliers

Pack-out / Post Production

  • Be on-site for the removal of the show from the theatre
  • Ensure logistics and truck movements happen as planned
  • Oversee the packing, storage, or disposal of the show
  • Wrap up budgets
  • Produce any post-production paperwork (de brief, or reporting)